Our Pest Control Company

Pest Control Singapore is a licensed Pest Control Company, set up to carry out pest control activities in Singapore. At Pest Control Singapore, we understand the feelings of frustration and helplessness you sometimes get, whenever you discover that some pesky pest have invaded your home. That’s why we take pride in delivering the best professional and reliable pest control service in Singapore.

Why Use our Pest Control Services?

While there are many pest management firms in Singapore that you can hire, here some reasons why you should consider letting us help you with your pest control needs:

  • We are a licensed Pest Control company in Singapore
  • Our staff professional, well trained and fully qualified
  • We have team leaders with more than a decade of experience in pest management work
  • We always use the latest pest control technology available to us to give you the best results
  • Our charges are extremely fair; we will never overcharge or cut corners

Our Vision

To make available the best pest control services in Singapore, so as to set the benchmark for all other pest control companies operating here.

Our Mission

To strive to become the recognised as the leader in the Singapore Pest Control industry, while keeping our prices affordable so that everyone in Singapore can benefit from our services.

The Pest Control Services We Offer

To help make it convenient for anyone seeking help with professional pest management, we offer a large and comprehensive range of pest control services. Hence, whatever your pest control needs are, we will be able to help. Listed below are the various services we offer:

Bed Bug Control
Termite Control
Rodent Control
Cockroach Control
Mosquito Control and Prevention
Ant Control
Fly Control
Snake Control and Rescue
Flea and Tick Control
Bee, Wasp and Hornet Control


For all enquiries on our Pest Control services and packages, do call our helpline at +65 6589 5678. Our staff will be happy to offer you any assistance you need including walking you through the various pest control options available to you.

And if you prefer, you can also use web form on this page to channel your enquiries to us.