Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is very important in Singapore, especially when the humid and rainy climate provides the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed. Furthermore, with the Aedes mosquitoes threatening to spread diseases like the Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever or the Dengue Shock Syndrome, mosquito control has become increasingly important in our daily lives. Nevertheless, the main reason why mosquitoes are such pests in the home is due to the irritating bite marks that they produce when feeding, which can be very itchy and distracting.

Why Control Mosquitoes?

While mosquitoes are generally harmless, save for their irritating bites, offering them with ample breeding areas in your home would be very risky as you may also attract deadly Aedes mosquitoes. These deadly pests are known for spreading diseases commonly known as the Dengue fever in Singapore, which has already caused many deaths. While the disease is not contagious among people, it is spread by the bite of the Aedes mosquito, which makes the whole family susceptible to the disease if the home is infested with these pests. Thus, it is important to get rid of potential breeding grounds for these mosquitoes before it is too late.

Prevent Mosquito Infestation

Prevention is better than cure; it is wise that homeowners learn how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their homes before they attack the occupants. Mosquitoes lay their eggs and spawn new mosquitoes in stagnant water. As such, the best way to prevent a mosquito infestation is to get rid of possible breeding grounds by pouring away any and all pools of stagnant water.

  • Always change the water in flower vases regularly or place sufficient granular insecticide into the vases to ensure that the mosquitoes cannot breed there. Mosquito eggs or larvae may also attach themselves to the stalks of flowers and plants so do wash them clean every time you change the water.
  • Ensure scupper drains are not blocked and clear fallen leaves in the garden to prevent water from accumulating in them.
  • Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use so that rainwater will not accumulate in them during the rainy season.
  • Overturn plant pot plates, pails, trays and watering cans when not in use. Do take note that water may also accumulate between the ridges on the underside of these buckets and trays, so do ensure that they are dry before leaving them unsupervised.
  • Ensure that the toilet covers are down before leaving the home for vacation as they can also be potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Why Engage Pest Management Services?

While many precautions can be taken in ensuring that mosquitoes cannot breed in your home, there may be instances where homeowners overlook a few areas of stagnant water that would lead to mosquitoes breeding. Since the breeding grounds cannot be easily identified, it would be best to engage an external professional pest control service to conduct mosquito control procedures so that these pests can be thoroughly eliminated from your home.

Why Pest Control Singapore ?

Pest Control Singapore is a licensed pest control company that offers high quality mosquito control packages at a low price. Our staff are trusted professionals that can effectively eliminate these pests from the home while providing our customers with a fuss-free experience. All it takes is a call and our team of specialists will arrive at your doorstep to solve your mosquito problems. Our consultants are also glad to offer their advice on maintaining a mosquito-free environment after mosquito control procedures so that you can continue to enjoy the comforts of your home without any further disturbances.

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