Fumigation is a pest control service that allows businesses and homeowners to get rid of pests in the most effective way possible. When undergoing fumigation, a special chemical called the ‘fumigant’ will be released in an enclosed environment to allow the gas to propagate throughout the entire room, filling all corners and small crevices. This ensures that all pests of all life stages are eliminated, regardless of their specific location in the enclosed area. In Singapore, fumigation is closely monitored by government agencies such as the National Environment Agency (NEA)Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS).

Why Conduct Fumigation?

Fumigation is known for providing fast and effective pest eradication, allowing for businesses and homeowners to get rid of pests in the most efficient manner. The procedure may also be conducted to get rid of harmful bacteria that is brought about by these pests in cargo, ships, vessels and containers, before they are allowed to be dispatched.

Process of Fumigation

The fumigant is extremely toxic and can severely damage one’s health if inhaled. Thus, when conducting fumigation, all occupants of the area, including pets, must be evacuated so that they do not share the same fate as the pests in the area. Before the fumigant is released, all windows and doors are sealed to prevent any of the fumigant from escaping during the process. The fumigant is then released and left to penetrate all corners of the house for a few days. After that, the doors and windows are opened to allow the area to be ventilated. When the area is deemed safe for human activity, the occupants are allowed to re-enter the area and return to their usual activities.

Why Hire a Pest Control Company?

While fumigation may be an easy and quick way for people to get rid of pests in an area, it is important to note that the procedure also requires great experience and knowledge in order to get the job properly done. Fumigants are extremely toxic and thus require careful handling to ensure that the risks of carrying out the procedure is minimised. Furthermore, proper equipment is also needed to execute the fumigation process. As such, a reliable pest control company should be engaged to rid your businesses and homes of pests while still ensuring that the necessary safety precautions are taken.

Why Pest Control Singapore ?

Pest Control Singapore is a licensed pest control company that is very experienced in conducting fumigation exercises for businesses and homes in Singapore. Our services are carried out by professionals who have been well-trained in the proper safety precautions and are well-versed in the proper procedures of conducting these procedures. To ensure sustainability in our fumigation exercises, our friendly staff would also advise our customers on pest-prevention habits so that the pests are not as likely to return to the area. Here at Pest Control Singapore, we always go the extra mile in ensuring that our customers receive the most satisfactory service.

Enquire about our Fumigation Services

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