Fly Control

Flies in Singapore are some of the most common insects. While there are many types of flies, the one that most Singaporeans are familiar with is the house fly. These flies often bother patrons of hawker centres as they attempt to take a bite of the delicious food. They may be uncommon in homes, but are still bothersome to homeowners who only seek to have a peaceful meal in the comforts of their homes. As they are notoriously difficult to get rid of, your best bet at eradicating these flies is to engage a professional pest control company in Singapore before they proliferate.

Why Get Rid of Flies?

Flies are known to spread a variety of diseases as they contaminate the food that we eat. Since they can only feed through a tube in order to consume food, they often have to liquefy their food by regurgitating their saliva so as to decompose the food before consuming them. As they do so, they may also be regurgitating parts of their previous meal onto the food, thus contaminating it with bacteria.

If people consume these contaminated foods, they may contract deadly diseases as the body of the fly contains several pathogens including salmonellatyphoid and even parasitic worms. Furthermore, bacteria may also attach themselves to the fly when the fly comes into contact with rotting food and mould, which would then be passed on to the fly’s following meals. As such, these flies can easily cause disease among humans that may be deadly.

Prevent Fly Infestations

Flies are known to attack open unsupervised food for feeding. In order to prevent fly infestations within your home, it would be wise to ensure that there is no ready food source for the flies. Cover all your foods if they are to be left unguarded or place them in the refrigerator. Avoid eating raw foods or wash them thoroughly before eating to get rid of the bacteria.

Flies are also attracted to rotting foods and decaying organic filth, so it would be wise to ensure that your garbage cans are always covered to prevent flies from a ready food and breeding source. These pests prefer to lay their eggs in dark and filthy places with a ready source of food, so it is not uncommon to see them hovering above garbage cans, animal excretions and even rotting carcasses. By ensuring that your home is free from any of such potential breeding grounds, you are effectively preventing flies from infesting your home.

Why Hire a Fly Control Service?

While fly infestations may be prevented by taking the necessary precautions, many businesses and homes still face serious fly problems. Fly infestations are signs of poor food hygiene and can be a huge turn-off to customers of restaurants and hawker centres. They are also known to be capable of spreading nasty diseases that threaten human health in homes. As such, hiring a reliable fly control service would ensure that the environment is free of flies and reduces the risks of developing diseases.

Why Pest Control Singapore ?

Pest Control Singapore is highly experienced in handling fly infestation problems and offers fly control services ranging from regular inspections to fly exterminations for businesses and homes. Our pest control services are developed to ensure that the flies are entirely eradicated and to restore the confidence of business owners who are looking to improve their businesses. Here at Pest Control Singapore, our staff are always glad to assist you in finding the most effective ways to ensure that the environment is free of pests, from flies, to termites, to rodents. We are always dedicated to serving our customers and providing the very best services because we believe that that is what our customers deserve.

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