Cockroaches in Singapore are some of the most common and detestable pests. For centuries, cockroaches have been rampant, mostly due to their resilience and ability to survive in the most desolate environments. Their ability to survive in very poor conditions allow them to breed easily while they threaten the food hygiene in hawker centres and homes.

Why Do We Get Rid of Cockroaches?

While these tiny roaches may seem harmless at first sight, they are known for carrying a variety of diseases. Their bodies carry multitudes of various bacteria and viruses that contaminate the food that they come into contact with. They may even leave their excretions (and with it bacteria and viruses) on unsupervised food. As such, they threaten food hygiene and cause a variety of diseases from diarrhoea to food poisoning.

While cockroaches rarely trigger allergies in humans, their bodies carry a wide range of allergens that can cause even non-asthmatic people to develop cockroach asthma after inhaling these allergens.
In some very rare cases, small cockroaches can crawl into your body through your body’s orifices, such as the ears and the nose, while the body is sleeping. While uncommon, there are a few cases where cockroaches invade the human body and cause significant damage to vital organs while remaining undetected.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Nowadays, many insecticides are available in major stores in Singapore, which will allow you to kill these pests upon sight. However, one might notice that these cockroaches develop an immunity to these insecticides after a period of time and thus, become increasingly difficult to get rid of.
While the market may introduce ‘new formulas’ that promise to eradicate these pests once and for all, using cans and cans of insecticide would only eliminate the cockroaches that are visible, but cannot eradicate the eggs that are hidden from view. These eggs would in turn spawn stronger cockroaches that would need stronger insecticides to be eliminated. As such, your best bet when facing a cockroach infestation is to call for a reliable pest control company in Singapore for the most effective cockroach control solutions.

Why Engage Pest Control Singapore ?

Pest Control Singapore is a well-established and experienced Singapore pest control company that also offers cockroach control services for our customers. Our professional cockroach control experts are well-versed in cockroach behaviour and are experts in identifying common breeding grounds for cockroaches to proliferate, allowing them to get rid of these creepy crawlies effectively. We offer our customers a fuss-free experience as we exterminate the pests in their home quickly using our effective methods, so that our customers can resume their usual activities as soon as possible, with minimal disruptions. At Pest Control Singapore, our consultants are always glad to share advice and tips on how to achieve a pest-free home.

Enquire about Cockroaches in Singapore

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