Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are commonly mistaken for mosquito bites because of their similar appearance. They both appear swollen and red due to our bodies’ reaction to the bites. While they may look similar, anyone can differentiate between a mosquito bite and a bed bug bite after checking for more distinctive features.

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Bed bugs usually leave bite marks in a line that aligns with the mattress. Their bite marks are generally close to each other, unlike the isolated and singular bite marks that mosquitoes leave behind. If you notice that your bite marks are situated far away from each other, it is likely that the marks come from mosquitoes instead of bed bugs.

Another way of determining whether your bites come from mosquitoes or bed bugs is to observe the biting period. Bed bugs are only active at night and hide away in the day, thus it is unlikely that you will be bitten by these pests in the day. Conversely, mosquitoes can be active during the daytime and at night, which allows them to leave bite marks on your body at any time of the day. As such, observing when you receive your bite marks will allow you to determine which pests the marks originate from.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Upon noticing that you have been bitten by bed bugs, the next step you might like to take is to treat the bite marks. While these bite marks are only temporary and do not require treatment to recover, they are very irritating to the skin and may cause skin infections if the victim scratches them repeatedly with filthy hands. As such, treating these bites may hasten the recovery process and reduce itching so that you can reduce the risk of a skin infection.

Victims may purchase anti-itch creams and ointments from pharmacies and apply them to the wounds to reduce the urge to claw at them. Applying ice to the wounds would also reduce itching and swelling, but would not be as effective as these medications. Over-the-counter solutions may also assist in reducing swelling and inflammation so as to speed up the recovery process.

If the layer of skin has already been breached and there are signs of an impending infection, do wash the wounds with an antiseptic solution and applying a cream afterwards. If the wound starts to bleed or produce pus, it is a sign that the infection is very serious and the victim should visit a doctor to better treat the wounds.

Engaging a Pest Control Company

When facing a bed bug infestation problem, it would be wise to engage a reliable bed bug control specialist to effectively eradicate the problem. Pest Control Singapore is experienced in handling bed bug infestations and inspecting for bed bugs in homes. Our team of professionals are well-trained in conducting bed bug extermination procedures that effectively get rid of these pesky bugs so that occupants no longer have to worry about receiving bed bug bites anymore. Here at Pest Control Singapore, our customers’ safety is our prime concern as we strive to get rid of all of these these pests in one fell swoop.

Enquire about Bed Bug Bites

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