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At Pest Control Singapore, we understand the disgusted and sometimes terrified or helpless feeling you get, whenever a pest infests your home.

We know you will want a solution fast and we can help. We are after all, a licensed and trusted Singapore Pest Control company.

Pest Control Singapore

Worried about pest invading your home? Or perhaps you might already have a serious infestation problem. Whatever it is that brought you to our website, we are glad you are here. At Pest Control Singapore, we have the skills, knowledge and technology to exterminate fully, any pest that dares enter your home. You will be glad to know too that our pest control services are fairly priced and our people, trustworthy.

Our Science Based Approach to Pest Control

Pest Control is a science. First, you will need to be able to identify accurately the species of pest invading your home. Thereafter, you’ll need to have an in-depth knowledge of the pest, including it’s feeding and breeding habits. From there, you should work out a plan, using the latest pest control technologies available, to ensure the complete wipe out of the pest.

And that’s what we do in every of our consultation visits. Ours is a science based approach towards pest control.

Hassle Free Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that love to feed on their human host. They are difficult to get rid of and professional help is often needed.

Termite Infestation

Termites are destructive and hard to detect. However, they do leave behind certain tell tale signs…

Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a safe and cost effective way to destroy pest in hard to reach areas…

Rodent Control

Rodents are a health hazard. They are smart, difficult to kill and multiply quickly…

Tell Tale Signs of Pest Infestation?

If so, there should be tell tale signs. Things to look out for can include:

  1. Physical appearance of pest
  2. Pest droppings
  3. Pest Carcass or Dead Pest
  4. Unusual Smell
  5. Pest Tracks
  6. Nest, Hive, Web or Burrow

Possible Hiding Places

Common pest, like termites, bed bugs, rodents and cockroaches etc, tend to hide to avoid detection. As such, to spot them, you will have to make a conscious attempt to look out for them. While they can really be anywhere in your home, these are some common areas where you can try looking:

  1. Crevices of wall
  2. Inside as well as below cabinet and wardrobe
  3. Room with little human traffic
  4. Cluttered areas
  5. Between walls or floorboard
  6. Inside False Ceiling (eg Roof Rats)
  7. Near Food Source

What To Do if You Have Find Pest?

It is best to engage a professional pest control company if you want to eliminate the entire pest population and prevent future intrusion. DIY solutions do exist but they are usually only effective in destroying the bug or insect you uncover and not the entire pest population. To completely curb the infestation, you must prevent the pest from multiplying. In short, you must either destroy the entire population or at least all the reproductive females and possible breeding sites. This will require an in-depth knowledge of feeding and breeding habit of these pest; knowledge that only we professionals have.

Our Unique 3 Step Pest Control Approach


We start each project by inspecting your premises for evidence of pest intrusion. Any signs that are suspicious will be investigated so that we can accurately identify the pest we are dealing with and determine the best extermination method. 

Manage and Control

With the information gathered during the inspection phase, we will device and implement a treatment plan to help completely destroy the pest population. Thereafter, we will provide advice on precautions to take to prevent a future infestation.


For some pest such as termites, we will recommend you take up an annual package so that we can monitor the effectiveness of our treatment on an ongoing basis as well as look out for further pest activity

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